Connect the reversing valve wire to B or O, just as the previous thermostat. Do NOT connect wires to both B and O; if you had both on your old thermostat O goes to O, but your B wire will go to our C terminal). Leave the jumper connecting RH to RC (in some thermostats, this option will be a wire jumper across the terminal connections, while in other thermostats this will be a RH-RC shorting cap on the circuit board). Install a jumper connecting Y or Y1 to the W1 terminal (there will NOT be a wire from your system connecting to our W1 terminal). Connect the compressor wire to Y1 and the fan wire to G. If you had a wire labeled X this can go to our C terminal. If you had either an E or X2 wire for Emergency Heat, attaching this wire is typically not necessary because we signal Emergency Heat from the W2 wire. Connect your W2 (or W) wire to the W2 terminal. If you have a C (common wire) connect it to the C terminal.