If you wish to adjust the displayed temperature up or down, there is calibration feature in your thermostat.  Our thermostats are pre-calibrated at the factory using a calibration setting of “0” and should not need to be changed,  However, you can change the calibration if you wish to adjust it to match a different thermometer in your home.

If you wish to adjust the calibration of your thermostat, perform the following steps:

  1. Press “Menu” once
  2. Press “Scroll” 4 times until you see “Set Review Swing Value”
  3. Press “Ok”
  4. Press “Next” to skip Swing
  5. Press “Next” again to skip Offset– should say “Adust Value Cal”
  6. A number will pop up in the display between -5F and +5F  (0 is the default)
  7. Use the up and down buttons to adjust it as desired
  8. When you are finished, press “Exit”

*Maximum amount of time is 10 seconds between button pushes.

For example:  Putting this adjustment to – 2 will lower the display temperature by 2 degrees.  Putting this adjustment to + 2, will increase the displayed temperature by 2 degrees.

The maximum amount you can calibrate the thermostat is plus or minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit. (Plus or minus 3 Celsius)