Use the HOLD feature on the thermostat to allow manual control. This bypasses all the programs and provides a constant temperature permanently until you manually take it out of the HOLD mode again.

  • Thermostat must be in either heat or cool position.
  • Dial must be in Run position.
  • Press the HOLD key to turn HOLD on and then again to turn it off.
  • HOLD is only active when the word “HOLD” is visible in the display. Verify that you can see “HOLD” in the display for manual operation.
  • At this point, you can adjust the temperature up or down and it will stay at that temperature forever.
  • Do not press the HOLD key simply to adjust the temperature, this will change the mode.
  • Rotating the dial away from RUN or turning the thermostat OFF will cancel the hold.  Verify that the thermostat is in “HOLD”  mode before leaving the thermostat.  The word HOLD should appear in the display.