The thermostat comes from the factory set at 4 periods per day.  This allows you to program 4 different start times with 4 different temperatures throughout the day.  If you are home all day and only need 2 changes per day, you can simplify the programming steps by changing the thermostat to only 2 periods per day.

To change the number of Periods per day:

  1. Take the front cover off the stat off the wall. 
  2. Look on the circuit board to find the dip switch table which tells you what the dip switches are for.
  3. Look for the Row # 3 which is labeled “Periods” and has choices of 2 or 4.  

Down = 4 periods per day.

Up = 2 periods per day.  

        4. Now look on the circuit board for a black block with small white switches. They are numbered 1 thru 8 however, the numbers are very small and difficult to read. Use a pen or pencil to move  jumper #3 to the UP position.  It is the             3rd white switch from the left.

        5. Now press the small black button on the circuit board labeled “Hardware Reset” (Do not hit Software reset, this will return your program to factory defaults).

        6. Put the front half of the thermostat back onto the wall. 

        7. The display will blink “8888”.  Move slide switch to “Day\Time”.  Reset day and time and you are finished.