While your KONO comes ready out of the box with industry standard settings, the KONO has a wide variety of advanced options that can be configured directly on the thermostat. This article will go over what each one does. These settings are accessed through the Gear icon in the menu.

When accessing the settings you will see iS in big letters and have the option to the lower right of "yes" or "no". Turn the knob to select yes and then press the dial one more time to get to option 01.

01: Temperature Format (F or C)

02: Temperature calibration (can be adjusted in .1 intervals)

03: Available HVAC modes (heat, auto, cool)

04: Heat limit (max 90F/32C)

05: Cool Limit (minimum 45F/7C)

06: System Type (Furnace, heat pump or boiler notated as F, hp, or boil respectively)

07: Type of heat pump (O or B)

08: Minimum Runtime (2 minutes or 5 minutes)

09: Swing value (.25-2.25)

10: Stage 2 heating offset (Off-5, for conventional systems)

11: Auxiliary heating offset (Off-5, for heatpump systems)

12: Time format (12 or 24 hour)

13: Blacklight (Always on, or 10 second auto off)

14: Dual Fuel Setting (On or Off, for heatpumps)

15: Balance Point High (Determines temperature where your heat pump system will not use auxiliary fuel, 32F-99F, 0C-37C)

16: Balance Point Low (Determines temperature where your heatpump system will only use auxiliary fuel 1F-77F, -18C-25C)

17: Air Filter reminder (Off, or 30-365 days)

98: Compressor Bypass (Yes allows you to bypass the minimum run time for AC and Heatpump Units, *Use Cautiously*)

99: Factory reset (Yes will return thermostat to factory defaults)

We also have a graphic chart detailing all of these features, available here