The OFFSET setting is shown as a number between 0 and 9 (default = 4). It is similar in nature to the Swing setting, however,  it only effects the operation of the second (auxiliary) heating stage of heat pumps. 

The auxiliary heat is there for when your system can't keep up with your target temperature.

You can adjust the value from 0 to 9 to determine the number of degrees that the room temperature must fall below the set point, before requiring the second heating stage to turn on.  This can be used to conserve energy in cases where the second heating stage is costly to operate. 

           Setting          Degrees F

           0                     Stage 2 Not Used

           1                     2.25

           2                     2.70

           3                     3.15

           4                     3.60

           5                     4.05

           6                     4.50

           7                     4.95

           8                     5.40

           9                     5.85

NOTE: While making these adjustments, you have to make the keystrokes in a timely manner, as the thermostat will timeout automatically and exit these screens after 10 seconds without a button press.


  1. Ensure  that the System Mode switch is in the OFF position  and the Set Slide switch  is in the RUN position.
  2.  Press and hold the EMER button  for at least 5 seconds. 
  3. The words  “SET”will appear on the screen, along with a single  flashing  digit.
  4. Press the NEXT button 10 times to skip to  “OFFSET” 
  5. The setting for Offset can be anywhere between  0 and 9, press up or down to adjust.

If you set the offset at 0, this will disable the 2nd stage completely and provide maximum energy savings while  sacrificing comfort.

 A higher offset number results in energy savings while a lower offset number pro