The following steps will allow you to switch between Standard and Military time:

  1. If you wish to change the Time Format (24 vs. 12), take the front cover of the stat off the wall. 
  2. Look on the circuit board to find the dip switch table
  3. Look for the row that has 24 Hr in one block and 12 Hr in the other.  Look to the left and note the dip switch number (for example “JP1”).  Now look on the circuit board for a blue block with small white switches.  Use a pen or pencil to move this white switch to the opposite position.
  4. Now press the small white button on the circuit board labeled “Hardware Reset”
  5. You will see 88:88 flashing in the display.  Rotate the dial to “Set Day/Time and fix the day and time.  Rotate the dial back to “Run”. 
  6. Finally, put the front half of the thermostat back onto the wall.