This feature allows the thermostat to be placed in either programmable or manual operating mode. 

In programmable mode, the thermostat controls the room temperature automatically according to your pre-set program that follows your daily routine. In manual mode, the thermostat operates manually just like a mechanical or non-programmable model.  This method of operation is very basic and only shows the room temperature and set temperature; there are no temperature programs, days of the week, or clock times.

To change the operating mode:

  1. take the front cover of the stat off the wall. 
  2. On the circuit board, locate the row of dip switches numbered 1 thru 8. It is a horizontal rectangular black box with white switches.   
  3. Carefully move Switch #2 to the opposite position (up or down) using an eyeglass screwdriver,  fine-point pen, or toothpick.   It is the 2nd switch from the left.  The switches are numbered  but the text is extremely small.

UP       =     Manual

DOWN =     Programmable

        4. Locate the small black Hardware Reset button on the circuit board labeled HW RST and press it for 3 seconds.  Do not hit the button labeled SW RST, this will erase your custom programs.

        5. You will see 88:88 flashing in the display reminding you that the day and time need to be reset.  Move the SET slide switch to “Day/Time” and fix the day and time.    Return the SET slide switch back to RUN.   Thermostat will now be             in correct mode.

        6. Finally, put the front half of the thermostat back onto the wall.