Note: Maximum time between button presses is 10 seconds

A thermostat  works by turning your heating or cooling system on and off whenever the room

temperature varies from the desired set-point  temperature.   The amount of this variation is called the swing. Generally your system should cycle on about 3 to 6 times per hour. A smaller swing number makes the system cycle more frequently, so the room temperature is more precise and constant. A larger swing number will make the system remain on for a longer duration  each time and decreases the number of cycles per hour.

There is only one Swing setting, and this determines the cut-in and cut-out points for both the first and second stages (if present), in both Heat mode and Cool mode.


  1. Ensure  that the System Mode switch is in the OFF position  and the Set Slide switch  is in the RUN position. 
  2. Press and hold the EMER button  for at least 5 seconds.
  3. Press “Next” 8 times til you get to option 9.  
  4. The words  “SET” and “SWING”  will appear on the screen, along with a single  flashing  digit. 
  5. Use the UP/DOW N buttons  to change the number  value between 1 and 9.  Number 1 is the default setting.
  6. Return mode switch to either Heat or Cool.

Actual temperature variation will vary depending on the conditions.  As an approximation:

Swing      Swing

1          +\-  .25 F

2          +\-  .5 F

3          +\-   .75 F

4          +\-   1.0 F

5          +\-   1.25F

6          +\-   1.5 F

7          +\-   1.75 F

8          +\-   2.0 F

9          +\-   2.25 F

Example:  For tightest control, set swing setting on # 1 which is plus or minus .25 degrees F.   If you set the setpoint at 70 F, the highest it will get to is 70.25 F, the lowest it will get to is 69.75

Example: On swing setting # 8,  if setpoint is at 70 with swing of plus or minus 2 F.  Highest it will go to is 72 and lowest it will go to is 68 F.