When you see the word “Filter” flashing in the display of the thermostat, it is simply a reminder to change the filter in the blower of your heating\cooling system (totally separate from thermostat).  

This feature does not affect the operation of thermostat in any way.


There is a Graphical Visual bar graph in the center of the screen , which shows the amount of air filter life remaining in %.  It starts at 100% and goes down to 0%.   When it gets to 0%, the bar graph will be empty and flash “FILTER”

Each dot in the filter bar graph equals 10 percent (example: 4 dots shown means 40 percent filter life)


  1. Move  the  Set  Slide  switch to the “AIR FILTER”
  2. Press either of the UP/DOWN buttons  to select the desired filter duration (in days) from the following  choices:  OFF, 30, 60, 90, 120,  180,  or 365.
  3. If you choose the “OFF” position, the Air Filter Monitor will be completely disabled and the bar graph will not appear
  4. Return the Set Slide switch to the RUN position when  you are finished